Friday, 8 February 2008

Lots on my mind

I'm at home again on my own, second night in a row and there is so much going on in my head.

It is a strange decision to blog but on a night like tonight it feels just right. Can't imagine who might read it or how long I will do it, but tonight I am and I'll leave it at that for now. I have been reading a lot about blogs this week and reading other peoples' and as I said, on a lonely night like tonight it feels just right.

I went to a meeting today, or a seminar I should say - on marketing. Nothing I didn't already know seeing I have studied it at university but always good to have knowledge updated and to apply it from a different perspective - the perspective of my own business.

It was an interesting enough seminar, thought to myself more than once that I could be the one giving it but anyway I enjoyed listening and applying it. What was really interesting was the people I met there - a photographer, another Aussie starting an on-line music store, a German coach/consultant and a Polish consultant helping Polish people succeed in various ways.

As usual my mind reels and all sorts of thoughts come to me. I went to a meeting yesterday about the latest EU money and I am still buzzing from the potential. The worst thing is to have all this energy surging through my veins and wonder if it will ever go anywhere - yet today showed me that it is very possible that is will.

The focus for the EU grants in this first period is to help those new to Stockholm get out in the workforce. As I sat and listened yesterday the ideas popped up like corn in a hot pan. All I needed was to work out who I could work with to get a project up and running. Today I found some of these people - imagine seminars and workshops on Swedish companies, Swedish business culture, CV writing workshops, job interview workshops, personal coaching opportunities, start your own business workshops and seminars - all in a variety of languages. It is both so exciting and so scary that it almost paralyzes me - luckily I have learn to combat that reaction by involving other people so I have no choice - they do not allow me to stay in a paralyzed state - one foot in front of the other. I think that will become my motto from now on.

It is kind of overwhelming to - could it really be possible? It is something I have dreamed about for years - 10 years in fact - could it really be possible?? I can't wait to email the people I met today - harnessing other people's energy is my only hope of harnessing my own. The Polish woman was very positive!!!!

I love Nyföretagarecentrum - they are such a fantastic resource!! Today is one of the many examples. It is a country-wide organisation set up to help people start and get established in their own business.

I have another meeting on Monday morning with a company called Evertiq - they have the same kind of concept - providing information free of charge and using advertising to sponsor the website. My contact person at Nyföretagarecentrum gave me the owner's name and I emailed him and asked if he had time to meet with me -and he has obliged me! I felt embarrassed sending this email away to him but you can only ask huh? Everyone says it is all about contacts - especially in this city so I am going out on a limb and using them. They have obviously been very successful so it will be interesting to see if he has any tips or advice for me. I'll have to study the website before I go.

Wow!! I am almost a business person - just need to wait and see what they say about my application..........

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