Thursday, 28 February 2008

Kieran turned three on Tuesday!

It was minus 10 degrees and the snow fell all day long. The winds were high and it was verging on blizzard conditions. It is quite different to three years later where the grass is green, the crocus are almost in bloom and every second day is sunny, albeit windy.

Kieran has turned three!

He no longer smiles sweetly for the camera but instead either refuses to look or pulls a silly face. On his birthday he was so excited about his new cars and tractor that they had to be in front of his face. He spent the morning, well, most of the day lying on the floor playing with them.

He hardly had any of his requested pancakes for breakfast but he did abandon his nappy and start wearing his "big boy pants" as we had decided (has since decided to refuse the bbp and go back to the nappy!).

At 2.30 he and I went and picked up one of his friends from daycare and her big sister.

M & K love playing with Leia and Nora and all Kieran talked about was having Nora come to his place on his birthday.

Their parents came and joined us for dinner and cake after work. He loved it when we all sang Happy Birthday to him in Swedish and English and sang along merrily with us.

It was a lovely day and the birthday boy was thrilled!

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