Saturday, 9 February 2008

Mischa & Sascha

At the moe I have 2 cats, although it has been a while. Sascha is here with us for a month while her family is away. I wasn't looking forward to it but it is nice to have her back, I just wish she wasn't so damn shy. The kids love the cats and want to get their hands on her - especially M, but Sasch is scared of anything that moves - except me.
I had a teary day at the vet last Monday and I take Mischa back again on Thursday - my birthday. The vet will sedate him and xray him to see if he has a tumor in his intestines. God forbid my birthday present is being told my old boy's days are numbered.
He has been throwing up, licking his fur off on his stomach and his stomach has been grumbling. He also stopped eating. Since being at the vet last week and discovering he had an incisor broken off at the gum (and infected gums) he has started eating again. He has also been on soft food so he has not had a grumbling tummy. We did discover vomit tho, this morning and again this afternoon. But since we have been home Sascha has chucked twice and stopped eating so I am beginning to wonder what is going on. Could he have a virus that he has passed on to her? I am going to de-worm him this weekend so we'll see what happens. My biggest concern is his weight - he is so thin.
Saying good-bye to Mischa, and to Sascha is going to be a really hard thing for me. I decided just after I moved back to Sweden in 1995 to get a cat - ok, so I convinced TW that we should have one and the cat-home refused to separate these two, so two it was. I have had a cat all my life except for my 4 years at uni and the year I was here in '91.
A home with an animal in it is a much calmer home. So to say good-bye to these cats will be an end of an era for me - they are as old as my life in Sweden, and it marks the end of what brought me here in the beginning............
Not to mention that I will miss my babies dearly.......

But no point in having them dead and buried yet. I will take Misch to the vet on the 14th and if they xray and he is ok they they will take out the tooth that broke off. And we'll take it from there. But as T says, I have to face it, they are getting on in age......

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