Saturday, 9 February 2008

Table for two

Well, I tried...... I arranged with the neighbours that the kids would go over there tonight so I could take Ty out for his birthday.
I talked to a friend who gave me a restaurant recommendation (her husband knows the chef and it is newly opened) and I rang and booked a table.

Our neighbour had been away all week so we hadn't confirmed about tonight. I tried to ring this afternoon to make sure but they weren't home and her phone wasn't on. I left messages on each.

By 5 we saw that they were home but by 5.30 we still hadn't heard anything - what do you do - ring and say "but you promised to look after the kids". I left it and I reluctantly cancelled the booking. I waited as long as I could but it started to get too late for the kids to be going over there. It was ohhhh so disappointing. It has been so long since we had a night on our own and I wanted to make an effort for Ty's birthday.

So we took the kids and walked down to the local Thai place - a table for 4 please. Sure, choose any one you want - none of them are taken, let alone booked. The kids were ratty, the ambience non-existent and the food average, the evening was a short one. We walked home again with K protesting and M too tired to walk - at least we had the stroller with us.

I was so in the mood to head in to town, to walk around, maybe stop for a drink before dinner and sit quietly without supervising the minors - oh well, another time. And when our poor neighbours eventually hear the messages on their answering machines they are going to feel dreadful - but it just didn't seem quite right to hound them.

Another time....

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