Monday, 25 February 2008

Ice Skating with our neighbours

Got the kids back on skates on Sunday. It has been a while, for all of us.
You would hardly know M has skated as much as she has.

Thankfully Noa was there to silently challenge her. As she watched Noa get around, despite it being just her third time on ice, she pushed herself to follow.

They were initially using the little net stands to hang on to but soon let go of them. By the end of it she was zipping around - and loving it!

K was able to stand on his own and take a few steps. But we had eaten dinner together the night before and had a late night so tiredness made it tough for him. I'm sure he will be zipping around in no time - he is so much closer to the ground.

It was fun. I love skating and I will be thrilled when my kids can comfortable skate around on their own. It was a nice couple of hours.

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