Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Swimming, playing and eating

Today we decided to go to Vällingby indoor pool (and it won't be the last time).

On the way there we decided that it was such a nice sunny day, and warm in the car, that we should actually go to the beach instead. So we turned off and headed towards Ängbybadet instead. Luckily the sand toys were still in the car. As we parked and walked along the path to the beach I wondered why there was no-one on the beach, just a couple of kids on the swings and they seemed to be fully dressed. Strange for such a nice day. As we turned the corner and the wind hit us the air temperature dropped. A few more tentative steps and we decided there was no way we would be swimming here - the wind was too cold. So headed back to the car, and off to the pool. As originally planned.

The kids were not disappointed, they loved it. Not the warmest water, and as I sat looking at the sun shining outside I wished there was some way we could have both. Where are the high ceilinged swimming pools of Oz - the ones that let all the light and sunshine in? None-the-less it kept the kids busy and ensured they got plenty of exercise. And when we all got too cold we ducked into the sauna to warm up (M loves the sauna - just like her mamma). Kieran also learnt today about deep water as he stepped off the bottom step in the deeper kids pool into water over his head!

We got home in time for my lovely neighbour to take the kids while I waited for a phone call (I needed to be undisturbed for this one). I went later to pick them up but all the kids were too busy playing to notice us chatting. With Ty being at a work dinner we were treated to a delicious BBQ dinner so we stayed a lot longer than the hour I asked her watch them for. We hadn't talked since our return and it was a good chance for me to practice my French with Yona's mum, who is visiting from Montreal (I wish!!).

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  1. Wow it looks like great fun, I didn't even know they had a kiddie pool, I definitely need to take Felix there!