Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Another year begins

another school year at least. Ty is at his kick-off tonight and the kids have had their first two days back. They are loving it, thank goodness!

Kieran has a new room and a couple of new friends. And he has Jofes.

Joseph has been with us all summer, he has been Kieran's imaginary friend. They do everything together and Jofes has everything. That big truck over there, that's Jofes' and we just went for a big drive in it, down the hill really fast and crashed at the bottom, bang! It was really fun! And he laughs and waves his arms about and rolls his eyes as he feels the story, he lives in his stories.

Kieran is a story-teller, like his father, and his father before him. They are long, they are elaborate and he is very expressive.

And he is very happy to be back playing with Joseph. They are older, the big boys of the group, Kieran can communicate better and there is no longer any competition for Joseph's friendship. He laughed tonight as he told me what the two of them did together today. He has settled. He no longer runs to his sister when they are all outside together. It is a relief to see him enjoying himself so much.


Makaila is very happy to be back at Lillgården. She is getting big now, and she knows it. She is almost six now, and she knows it. She is getting a real attitude.

She knows she is one of the oldest kids there, she knows they will be doing special activities this year, she knows she will start school next year, the year she turns 7. Actually there isn't much she doesn't know (and she's not even 13 yet!!)

Most of her peers are starting school this year, but in the Waldorf daycares they tend to do the preparation for school at daycare and that is good for her, having only done one full year there so far. Her confidence can afford another year, even if we then have the attitude to contend with. It is a good, safe environment for her to continue learning Swedish, and to come out of her shell.

She has friends, she is settled, she is proud of herself and her achievements, she is a happy girl and that makes me a happy mum.


And I am happy because daycare brings with it such a lovely community.

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