Saturday, 2 August 2008

Makaila can ride a bike!!

Just before we headed up to the cottage for our last week I walked across the road and bought a bike at a garage sale - talk about luck! It was exactly what I had been hoping for. 20 dollars later it was in the car and we were on our way.

Once we got to the cottage Kaila and Ty were out practising and they did so for the next couple of days. Then upon my insistance we took the pedals off the bike and she had a go at scooting along. I have always wanted to get a Like Bike and we looked at them before we got here, but they are expensive. This worked in the same way.

Over the next couple of days she was less than enthusiastic, and refused to get on her bike. But on Thursday I convinced her to give it a go and it was really nice, I walked and she pushed herself along getting a feel for it. We headed out again Friday too, she now thought it was fun and could push herself along lifting her feet off the ground.

Today Mark was trying to help us pack up and kindly put the pedals back on her bike - both she and I were disappointed. Ty convinced her to give it a go with the pedals to both our amazement she rode along on her own!!! We couldn't believe it!!!

I can't believe how proud I felt as I watched her ride up and down the road - unassisted. And she was so proud of herself too. She went out with Ty, then with me and finally when she went out with cousin Kaylee she could even take off on her own.

It feels like such a huge milestone - I just wish I knew how to upload the video that I took!

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