Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Aussies are best

Not only are we raking in the medals at this year's Olympics but we are also good at sorting rubbish (at least the Kelpies are!).

Heard a great story on the radio this morning about the rubbish-sorting Aussie kelpies giving demonstrations at the Malmö festival. They can take a pile of rubbish and sort out the metals, plastics (even soft plastics), batteries, glass, food scraps etc. By correctly sorting the rubbish the items can be recycled, including the food scraps which are either used to produce Biogas or compost.

The message is:
They know how to sort out the rubbish so it can all be recycled -
if a dog can do it then we can too!!

Read more here - you can even see them in action:
Malmö stad
Sorry, only Swedish news articles - hope they get some media coverage abroad, there are lots of places that could benefit from the knowledge - it took just three months to train them!!

It was funny to listen to the Mallory Beach Property owners complain about recycling - they just sort it, put it in a box and leave it out on the road for the truck to pick up!! The local Mayor could not believe we have to take it to recycling stations ourselves. And Australians don't even have to sort theirs!

Time for people to take responsibility. Time for people to take the time to do it!!

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