Wednesday, 27 August 2008

E-commerce in full swing

All round the place I seem to be hearing about the growth of e-commerce, on the radio, in the papers and in conversations with people. You need to be there, have web presence....

There was an interesting article in SvD yesterday which gave some basic tips - keep the site simple, easy to navigate, have a lot of pictures of the product and gives lots of product information. Finally it is important to offer several payment options and make sure the customer receives their order as soon as possible, always informing them of the delivery date. Their final tip - get yourself some satisfied customers - they are your best marketing tool.

Things are looking good for my Våga Språnget friend Mimmi. Her Collection of Designers should do well, at least if the e-commerce growth reported in the article is anything to go by. A 21% increase compared to the same quarter last year says a whole lot about the growth of the internet as a market place. And Mimmi provides a great opportunity for those starting off in e-commerce, or those wanting to reach a wider audience.

Our neighbor in Canada, Cindy, is a designer of products that are more suited to the Scandinavian market than the Canadian. C.O.D. would be perfect for her, she could just put them in the post and send them off to customers around the world. As it would be for Carrie of Sling Sisters, whose audience has predominantly been through the local expat scene. I hope both these girls, and others, decide to give C.O.D. a chance.

And it seems Mimmi has been interviewed by P1 and will be on their Style program on Friday morning. Go Mimmi Go!!!

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