Monday, 7 April 2008

Thanks but no thanks

I have had another company express interest in part ownership of my business, my website. We didn't discuss the details but the offer included office space, a platform to build the website on, a sounding board, direct access to their contacts etc etc.

It would be fantastic to have somewhere to work from and to be in a group of people that are clearly dynamic, ahead of the pack and working with some very interesting things. The owner gets a lot of media attention and is very progressive, someone I had respect for even before I came in contact with him a few weeks ago.

I have given it a lot of thought the last few days and decided to decline the offer. It is very flattering, it tells me I am heading in the right direction and that there is value in what I am doing. His final words in our meeting were that he thinks it is great that I am doing this. It is hard to say NO, but NO feels right. Their market segment is similar to mine, but different and making the adjustments that he would want would completely change my profile.

I have to go ahead with this on my own. For now......

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