Tuesday, 22 April 2008

The Story of Stuff

I just watched a fantastic movie about STUFF and I recommend you watch it too!!! It is a 20 minute movie but well worth the time. Annie Leonard is a great presenter and it is a very interesting website with good resources.

Over-consumption is the root of many evils.

It is one of the reasons I love living in Sweden - for its low consumption levels and for the protection of the environment. It is also a good reminder as to why I buy as much organic stuff as I can - even if it costs us more.

There is a great awareness and a willingness to protect the environment, and there has probably always been for these nature-loving Swedes. Individuals are willing to act, governments are willing to act.
And although consumption is growing rapidly with the building of malls or shopping centres everywhere I doubt it will ever reach the levels of the English speaking countries - Swedes have other priorities. And yes, high taxes mean you get less for your money too.

Still, there is a rapid growth of consumption in Sweden too - all the popular fashion blogs alone support this theory.

So, don't listen to me ramble, listen to Annie Leonard's great presentation. And do yourself a favour - get off the consumption merry-go-round and reduce the amount of STUFF you buy. Watch the movie, take it to heart and do the planet a favour too.

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