Sunday, 13 April 2008

Dinner and discussion

We had a lovely dinner last night with Helena, Patrik and Kristi.

Kristi called in to say hello before she leaves for the States for a month and ended up staying. It had been a couple of years since she had seen Helena and Patrik so it was nice for everyone.

The night progressed and the "photobooth" application produced a lot of funny pictures and a lot of laughter.

As it got later we settled in to the more serious discussion of equality...........
Let me say today is a sour one.

How do couples get equality in their relationships?

Especially when one has been either on maternity leave, unemployed or scraping together little assignments here and there for over 5 years and now wants to change the balance between taking care of children and having time to work?

Things are so sour today that I wasn't "allowed" out to go and do some work, but it was ok if I took the kids with me.

Life sucks!!!

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  1. Hmm låter allvarligt. Man är inte jämlik. Det har att få barn lärt mig. Olika tider har olika behov, sedan gäller det att uttrycka dem. Du skriver lika fint som du är fin.

    Kram Klara