Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Kieran's Birthday Party Sunday

We started the day with ice-skating. Can't believe I managed to get T out of the house the same day others were expected, but we managed. Skating with our neighbours is almost becoming a Sunday morning tradition - just hope they don't close the rink for public skating anytime soon.

We came home and frantically cleaned up, vacumed and I iced the cake I had baked that morning. As I was going to bed Saturday night I realised that I had doubled all the liquid ingredients for the banana cake but not the dry ones - so very clever of me. So I quickly whipped up another, simpler one and put the two together. Lucky K woke up early this morning (I think it was is as early as 6.30?)

As I was busy icing and the kids were passified with a movie, T went off in to town with Christian to look at an auction. And I mean why not? He bought our big piece just days after K was born so it seemed fitting he should go buy another the day we were celebrating his 3rd birthday. However a new piece was not to be had - I guess he decided it got too expensive.

The cake was in the fridge and I was fussing around doing a few things when Sandee and Leo arrived. Poor Josh was at home sick. T and C arrived back, picked up the rest of the gang and had not long been in the door when the phone rang. It was Mel & Ondi - could they come and get Sasha? Sure, cake and coffee are ready in 30 minutes. They came back from Oz on Friday and their call couldn't have been timed better - I had wanted to invite them but hadn't been sure when they were due back.
We had to wait a while for Luca but it was worth it. Sandee was in charge of entertaining the kids and helped them build the new puzzle from Noa and Zach.

Once Luca had arrived (or was it once they had cake?) we had 6 crazy kids running (literally) around in our palace, and five adults struggling to hear what the person beside them was saying. But it was fun and the birthday boy had a great time!!

They had mostly been waiting for cake and it was finally produced and the kids all sat up at the table ready for their sugar kick.

Kieran really has the hang of this birthday business and he loves it when we sing Happy Birthday - and he is right there with us singing in both English and Swedish.
He was thrilled with his car and while he initially decided it should be yellow like Patrik's, he changed his mind and wanted green. I'm glad he didn't change his mind again - any other colour might have been a little hard to produce!

It seemed criminal to cut it but.... easy come, easy go. Actually it wasn't all that difficult to make - thanks to the Women's Weekly Party Cake Book. It took no more than an hour to cut and decorate.
The licorice details helped a lot, but were less than popular with the kids - don't kids like licorice any more?? The adults still do.......

All in all it didn't taste too bad - even with the heavy banana cake on the bottom and the lighter one on top. The icing is a favorite of mine - cream cheese and icing sugar with melted white chocolate mixed into make it a little more firm. Yum...
And so we could hear ourselves and actually talk to each other we went with another child pacifying trick - I think it was "Cars" which is why M is not in the photo - she simply REFUSED to watch it AGAIN!!

It was a crazy, fun Sunday. It was, as usual, lovely to bring people together, to be social and to celebrate. What more is there to life?

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  1. Beautful blog.

    W&G had their postponed party on Saturday but I am no blogger so at most will try to post photos on FB.