Saturday, 22 March 2008

Day 5 Ellandi at Lillgården with Kieran

Kieran's teacher Eija invited Ellandi to spend the day with them Friday.

We left her holding Kieran and another child's hands, walking in a line off to the forest. They spent a couple of hours there playing as they do every Friday. They came back and had their picnic lunch inside before lying down for a sleep. We picked them up at 2pm before they headed off outside to play.

Eija was a little worried that Ellandi had been bored but she assured us she had had a great time. And I imagine K loved having her with him. M on the other hand was very jealous.

Athena and I got a little time to ourselves. A went to see an osteopath and I went to a meeting before meeting up again for lunch. We were very grateful to Eija for giving us a precious few hours and Ellandi showed her appreciation by giving her a koala pin.

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