Thursday, 20 March 2008

Day 3 in Stockholm

The kids went off to Lillgården this morning and Athena, Ellandi and I went in to town to explore. They have been waking up a 4am and wanting to go to bed early although on the whole I think E had been coping really well with the jet lag.

We got off at Odenplan and walked to Gamla Stan where we finally stopped for lunch.

It took me a while to find it but success was ours to be had. We headed down into a cafe in a vault - one that was a little more original than the first one we went in to. Cafe Art has a nice feel to it and much to our surprise the girl working there was a fellow Aussie!!

After lunch I went off to my afternoon-long meeting leaving A & E to explore Gamla Stan before heading out to pick up M & K.

My meeting went well and I am pleased to say that A & E managed to find the kids and even get them home safely on the train (not that I expected anything else of course, just thought I'd check with them JUST in case they needed any help... )

And it is always nice to come home and find dinner on the table. Mmmmm.... babysitting, meal cooking, I wonder how long I can keep them??

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