Thursday, 20 March 2008

Another 1700s skåp

Not too sure how this happened actually, and I'm not so sure it was such a smart thing. All I did is put in one little bid on the net and he told me there were lots of people looking at it so we probably wouldn't get it and it would probably go up a lot.

It didn't, and we did.

After dropping Athena and the kids at home I headed in to town to meet Tyler and picked up the bottom part of it. Couldn't get the top section in the car so after dinner A and I went over to Kristi's and borrowed her car (turned our Kristi's Puegeot wagon was A's most desired car so I had to keep her from drooling all over the place) and went in and picked up the little number before heading back to K's to drop off, and unfortunately drop off the red beast. Quite the round trip around town.

And we ended up with quite the mess in the lounge room which is taking an eternity to sort out.

I have to confess it is a cute little piece - little in comparison with the other two and it fits in quite nicely. We managed to condense our stuff from the big modern piece in to this little one and it goes well with the green floral couch. Perhaps ONE day we will be able to put them together in some quaint little study or guest room (in another life perhaps......).

One thing is for sure is that we have been able to rearrange the lounge room and it now looks SO much better than it did. I HATED those three couches together! It feels so much roomier (ha ha!!) now.

Ahhh the trials and tribulations of life..... Remind me NOT to let him trick me in to bidding on a piece of furniture next time a family member arrives on my doorstep. I just know he is going to try and sneak a grandfather clock in here too!

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