Monday, 10 March 2008

Athena & Ellandi are here

I left daycare at 8.30 (pretty good timing for us) and headed straight for the airport - I knew their flight landed at about 9am but I figured I would be there by the time they got out.

I contemplated dashing home and getting my forgotten coffee, I contemplated parking in the cheaper car park a little further away, I did neither and went straight past go without collecting 200 dollars.

I rushed in to the airport .... and whoops.... there they were standing waiting for me. They landed at 9.05 and it was 9.20. Talk about fast!

I dragged them to the grocery store (COOP forum!!) in the search for decaff coffee amongst other things. There were endless kinds of organic and fair trade coffee but not decaff. We got everything else, came home, had a grand tour of the palace, looked at some photos, unpacked, ate lunch and drank coffee - with caffine!

Caffine did nothing for Athena who snoozed while I did some work before taking the very awake Ellandi to get Makaila and Kieran. Ellandi had a tour of Lillgården while we waited for M to finish her snack before heading home.

Once at home I did some more work amidst the chaos of three children very excited to be playing together. K was very weary of the now awake Athena but happy to chat away to Ellandi.
They built a castle with blocks and a fort with blankets.

T came home and made dinner while I continued with my last minute assignment. The kids played and Athena zombied.

Dinner, bath and teeth brushing came and went. Stories were read and the light turned out. Didn't take long before three kids were fast asleep. Athena was long gone, on the couch.

Somewhere in all this we brought another 1700's skåp. Not sure where this one is going to go??

We'll see what the night brings......

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