Sunday, 27 March 2011

Saturday. Artichokes - why I love my veggie box.

An American friend first taught me to eat artichokes, by dipping the leaves in melted butter. Another friend has served them when we've been there for dinner - thanks to his American mother. 
But despite having seen them at the market I have never ventured so far as to buy them and cook them myself. Until three arrived this week in my box of eco-veggies.

Easy to cook, delicious to eat and when I was searching for a photo to "borrow" (forgot to take one) I discovered they also have cholesterol lowering properties! Hopefully that makes up for all the butter consumed with them. YUM!! I'm officially addicted and the kids love them too.


  1. Never tried them before. How do you cook them and what do they taste like???

  2. You can also stuff them Italian style. They are really delicious like that, though there is an art to eating them.

  3. Italian style huh.... might have to look at that. Although I do appreciate the very Swedish way of eating any seasonal food - just the item that is in season, and maybe a little butter, dill or sauce.

  4. Hmmm Lee just saw your comment - it wasn't up when I answered Marie - strange. You just boil them for about an hour and the taste is not like anything else I can think of - you have to like butter though as you dip them in butter.