Sunday, 27 March 2011

Ginger to the rescue

In an attempts to keep the colds at bay in this household I decided to make "tea" with the bucket load of ginger that also came in Eco-veggie box. At first I wondered what on earth I would do with all this ginger - and then Kieran lay with a fever for two days and I found my answer. I didn't manage to get him to drink that much but the rest of us have. I grated the ginger and added boiling water to it, sweetened it with honey and diluted it to our liking. Makaila and I love it sweetened with sugar and served cold - hey if you can't buy ginger beer in the supermarket this is the next best thing. And Ty has been drinking it hot in an attempt to get rid of his cough-cold.
Again, I forgot to take my own photo but found this one online and a great liver tonic (click on the picture) which I am now very tempted to try. Sounds quite delish - I love ginger!

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