Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Basketball anyone?

It is still going to be a while.


  1. Nic are these basketball rings on opposite sides of a road? I think that is a bit strange. Knowing my two sons they would still get out there and shoot hopes. I don't think a bit of snow would stop them. Maybe just the freezing air.

  2. No it isn't a road but the whole area is ashphalted and the snow just seems to have melted like that for some reason.
    Snow does stop balls bouncing when it is some 10cm thick - especially if it is soft. A ball might bounce if the snow is compacted but then it would probably be too slippery. They'd need spikes in bottoms of their shoes to have any hope - or they'd spend most of the time on their bums!
    It's a science - this ice and snow! But soon it will be all gone even if I did hear nasty rumors about more snow this weekend....