Friday, 25 March 2011

Fairy Bread

What is a party without it? Apricot Log too. And pass the parcel with Aussie animals dropping out.


  1. I can't imagine a kid's party without fairy bread. I had an Aussie party themed party last year and loved making all of the old classics - crackles, honey joys, jellied oranges, shark-infested jelly, lamingtons, fairy bread, party pies and pasties... it brought back so many lovely memories.

    Hope your party was a blast :-)

  2. The kids didn't know what fairy bread was until recently - nor chocolate crackles or honey joys - but they do now. The latter two were so easy to make and so popular with my two that I will definitely make them again. Never made lamingtons - will have to have a crack at it soon - once I've done this year's hot cross buns! But what is shark infested jelly???

  3. I made up blue jelly (Aeroplane brand blue heaven or berry blue) and then melt white chocolate and spread it out thinly on baking paper to harden. I'd cut it into small triangular pieces, then make slits in the jelly surface and set in the chocolate, so it looked like a fin poking out of the water. Sort of an updated frogs in the pond. These jelly creatures were also popular: