Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Fat Tuesday & International Women's Day

Firstly - Happy International Women's Day! Today is in fact the centenary of the day 19011-2011.
I didn't know there was a website and thousands of activities around the world dedicated to this day. There was however only one event here in Stockholm - the launch of "SCA's yearly global Hygiene Matters Report 2011 with focus on women." Doesn't sound too exiting to me. And I'm surprised - women are much stronger and more equal here than either Australia or Canada, but I would have thought that Women's groups would still considered it important to organise events...

Secondly Happy Fat (Shrove) Tuesday. Hope everyone got a semla today. 
I love semla but I resisted..... Not even Fat Tuesday is enough of an excuse to break the diet I started yesterday. Haha tomorrow might be a whole different story!


  1. It seems that you missed the Period. (yes period period) campaign that the Swedish company SCA started today to break down taboos around menstruation: http://www.sca.com/hygiene

  2. Ahhh... thanks for that. Had a look at it - very interesting!