Friday, 3 April 2009

Spring is finally here for the start of the school holidays

No parent loves that time between winter and spring, real spring.

The snow melts and creates puddles everywhere (that the kids love to play in - along with damp sandpits), they come in with wet, muddy boots leaving a trail of dirt, water and sand behind them. Their outside clothes need to be hung somewhere to dry (great if you live in an apartment!!) and inevitably the sand from daycare and the gravel from the paths manages to find its way into your home, which then needs to be vacumed or at least swept everyday to stop it from being spread around the entire home.
Swedish kids are pretty well decked out when it comes to wet-weather clothes, that's because they tend to be outside everyday, rain, hail or shine. And they love it - kids love playing in the rain and the puddles if they are allowed, and Swedish kids are allowed. If they weren't there's a chance they wouldn't go out for weeks on end......
But it sure is nice when things dry out a bit and the roads and paths are swept of gravel, it is suddenly so much easier to keep the place clean.Yippppeeeee!! Spring is finally here, for now. And its a good thing too, as the school holidays, or the spring break starts today. I think we can safely put the snow gear away, even if not the wet weather gear.

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  1. True! And here in Norrland, kids LOVE snow! They simply adjust to the weather and never complain, which is so great.