Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Who cares enough to help look for Thor Danielsson Wang?

On the 14th of February 2009 a Swedish child Thor Danielsson Wang, just one year old, disapeared during a visitation with his father Yen-Cheng (Andrew) Wang in California, USA. Chances are the father has already left the country with the child, to Taiwan or Argentina.

His mother Mia Danielsson has sole custody and they are both registered as living in Sweden. Seven weeks have now passed and Thor's case seems to have fallen between the cracks, nothing is being done.

The American authorities say that it is the Swedish authorities responsibility to assist their own citizens. The Swedish authorities (UD) say it is not their problem.

Consequently an online petition has been set up demanding the Swedish Foreign Affairs Department (UD) act on the matter of Thor's disappearance and that the Swedish police become involved in the case. The signers of the petition do not accept that our Swedish citizens should find themselves helpless and without rights when in another country. Help is needed immediately to find this little boy so he can be reunited with his mother.

The petition is in Swedish but the above text gives a general translation. If you want to sign the petition and put pressure on the Swedish government and police to act, write your name in the left box, and the place you live in in the right box. The tick, or checked box means your name will be visable on the list, Skriv under means sign.

Why is this important? Apart from the fact that it is yet another case of child abduction, which is terribly traumatic for the child/ren, it is a matter of responsibility. We live in an international community, we move around and might be somewhere else for months at a time. But we still need to know someone will come to our aid in times of trouble. It is not enough to stand back and say - well it didn't happen here, they were out of the country at the time, not our problem.

Sign here.

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