Tuesday, 3 February 2009

The Primrose Solution To Dry Winter Skin

Winter is hard on me, especially on my skin. It is now finally getting a little colder here and I can tell because my hands have been getting drier and drier as the days go on. When the temperature drops my skin itches more and more, making me want to scratch until I draw blood. My legs and my stomach are worst off.

But that is nothing compared to what happens to my hands. They look like I have been in the garden everyday for the last week. Dry is not an adequate description - they are like sandpaper. My skin peels and I get very painful cracks on my fingers. The first one appeared yesterday.

I have tried every type of hand creme available to man - nothing helps. But by accident I discovered Evening Primrose Oil and it has been my saving grace. Taking large doses of primrose oil heals the cracks in my hands and makes my skin smooth and soft again. It even calms down my itchiness.
Today I dug out my big bottle of primrose oil, brought in Australia. It is much cheaper than I could ever get it here, but I also buy a big tub because I take so much in the winter. In Swedish it is called nattljusolja and I have tried and been happy with Efamol, although there are a number of them on the market. Time to start taking it again.

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