Sunday, 22 February 2009

Skating On The Frozen Waterways Of Stockholm

are what I love best about Sweden in the winter. Saturday was glorious out on the ice.Where the boats are moored in the summer, the skaters rest in the winter, stopping to eat sandwiches and hot chocolate.Tracks had been ploughed on the ice between the islands of Stockholm.The ice blocks must have been from an earlier melt and then re-freeze. Makaila can suddenly skate really well and Kieran is getting close.
She whipped around the track pushing Kieran in the chariot when he was too tired to skate himself.The sun shines much more in February, the days are getting longer as we speak. The sun is now rising at 7am and it feels like utter luxury to have it setting at 5pm - it is amazing what you learn to appreciate. Check out this table to see how quickly it is changing - 5 more minutes of daylight each day.

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  1. You are not wrong there!

    I have struggled with the dark mornings but its nice that its so light now!