Friday, 20 February 2009

More Women in Business & on the Boards of Swedish Listed Companies

One of the big business debates that has heated up in the last 6 or so months has been whether or not to introduce gender quotas to the boards of listed companies. So far, the answer has been no, for many reasons, despite Sweden introducing a gender quota (50%) into politics in the 1980s.

Many big businesses claim that the lack of women in their boards is due to the lack of competence, a lack of women with the qualifications to carry out such a roll.

So Anna Carrfors Bråkenheilm of Passion for Business (a great business mag for women) decided to help the guys out and has compiled a list of 549 business women who are ready, willing and able to do the job. That list took two people two days to compile and is now being sent out to all Swedish listed companies!

Kaxig is a word that comes to mind - which translates to cocky but it doesn't quite have the same feel. All the same - I love it! What will their excuse be next?

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