Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Keeping The Winter Colds At Bay

While on the subject of winter and great remedies I will add one more.

My family all take Olive Leaf Extract once the first signs of a cold appear. They all swear by it but I have never heard anyone else mention it and I have never seen it anywhere but in Australia.

When we were there this Christmas I decided to pick up a bottle, at least for the kids. I'm all for anything that boosts their immune systems, that helps them get over their winter sicknesses faster.So last week when Makaila showed signs of a cold I fed it to her and to my amazement she recovered very quickly. At least the cold didn't seem to really break out.

And this week we stayed at home Sunday, Monday & Tuesday with Kieran sniffling and sneezing his way through the days, exhausted after sleeping very restlessly at night. By today his cold was almost completely gone - a far cry from how he was on Sunday.

Now I know what you are thinking - and I find it a little hard to believe too. Coincidence? Maybe? I nipped it in the bud by staying at home? Maybe. Strong immune system? Maybe all of those are possible.

What I do know is that I will be trying it again - next time the signs of a cold appear. I also know that many of the kids around them (and adults too) have been suffering from long winter sicknesses this year, as with any other year. It is tough to avoid being sick when everyone else around you is sick.

While it is available here in Sweden (for adults), I don't know anyone who has heard of it. Otherwise try ordering it directly from Australia (or the UK). You can watch the Olive Leaf movie here! I see now there are a ton of sites out there if you are interested.

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  1. Hi Nic! Welcome to MBC! I'm a SAHM from Malaysia. You have a great blog.