Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Vår Ruset - Spring Rush

Let it be known that I am entering into Vår Ruset - thanks to a friend who I am very grateful to. It is just the challenge I need.

Vår Ruset translates, according to anything I can find, into Spring Intoxication or Spring Rush/Surge. It is the latter, I assure you - and to be more specific it is a 5km run around Djurgården. You can even walk it - which I am not going to do(!)

We are putting together a team and are not yet sure if we will participate on May 26 or 27th. The run starts at 7pm - by May the sun won't be setting until after 9.30pm.

Time to dust off the running shoes and get busy! I just wish it wasn't so damn cold outside!
Me? Having a mid-life crisis now that I've turned 40?? No, never......

1 comment:

  1. Good luck!

    Myself I used to jog/run/walk VårRuset for some years in the late 90ies. It was rather fun the first few times, then it was just way too crowded with an ridiculous amount of participants that made it more than difficult to actually get to goal in a reasonable pace. I always enjoyed looking at the fellow-spring rushers though - a friend of mine suggested one should get a t-shirt with the text "if you think I look weird you should see the ones behind me"...:)