Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Astrid Lindgren Prize to the Tamer Institute

Children deserve the best (from the website).

This award in Astrid Lindgren's name aims to give children’s and youth literature the place it deserves in the world. The prize can attract new, gifted story-tellers, authors and illustrators and encourage them to create good literature.
The prize is also a signal to institutions and organisations around the world that good children’s and youth literature is worth millions. And our children are worth more than millions.
Good children’s literature gives the child a place in the world, and the world a place in the child.
"With perseverance, audacity and resourcefulness, the Tamer Institute has, for two decades, stimulated Palestinian children’s and young adult’s love of reading and their creativity. Under difficult circumstances, the Institute carries out reading promotion of an unusual breadth and versatility. In the spirit of Astrid Lindgren, the Tamer Institute acknowledges the power of words and the strength of books, stories and imagination as important keys to self-esteem, tolerance and the courage to face life."

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  1. Fanta send a link:

    Seven children’s primers that extol violence and propagandize the ‘Naqba’ and ‘Intifada’ in the name of education: ‘Rasha’s Window’ by Abia Tubasi; ‘The Airplane’ by Zakariya Mohammed; ‘Summer 67′ by Majdi Shomali; ‘Kosor Ashreia’ (a collection of poems); ‘Travel over Travel’ by Salman Natour; ‘Palestinian History Book for Youth’ by Sonia and Saed Nimr; ‘A Little Piece of Ground’ by Elizabeth Laird and Sonia Nimr; all published by the Tamer Institute for Community Education, Ramallah (on Stand 5.0/E/922).”