Friday, 6 March 2009

Teenage suicide - how can it be?

A friend rang today, the bearer of bad news. Another friend's brother ended his life - he was just 12 years old. Having lost my own father to suicide almost 30 years ago I can't tell you what an affect this news had on me, words just don't describe how I feel. Except to say that I'M ANGRY!!!!!

How is it possible that a 12 year old reaches a point where they decide life is no longer for them? How can it be? Can anyone explain that for me? What must they go through to reach that point?

It is one thing for an adult to take matters into his own hands - but a child? Suicide should not be happening at any age, yet the numbers grow each year.

It is a tragedy, for all concerned.

So very sorry to hear the news.

Suicide Prevention - WHO

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