Sunday, 15 March 2009

Swedish Melody Festival 2009

Well it doesn't happen too often (it has been years!) but last night I actually watched a bit of the Melody Festival, saw the voting and the final outcome.

It is amazing at this time of year to see Swedes plan their schedules around this competition and if they are at someone's place (like mine) and it is not on - there is always someone who will suffer serious withdrawal symptoms. Many a Melody Festival Party is held around the country in the late winter months each year.

Last night, being the grand finale, was a particularly big Melody Festival night as a winner was chosen to represent Sweden in the Eurovision Song Competition, to be held in Moscow on May 12. Malena Ernman was a wildcard with her pop opera number and it was an extremely refreshing performance in contrast to the regurgitated numbers performed by many of the other competitors.

Read more about this world famous opera singer on The Local.


  1. Regurgitating, yes that's a really good word for the Eurovision Song Contest. I loathe it. Completely. However I'm really pleased to hear this kind of song winning, I quite like it and Ernman has always seemed such a fun, quirky and likable person. Thumbs up!

  2. As a Swede, I must say it was really fun to read this. You are spot on, we are a bit crazy when it comes to Melodifestivalen. My sister-in-law envited us over, just to watch the event. We would have watched it anyway, we actually said no to a friends party on Saturday not only but partly because we knew we would be able to watch the contest there. Strange perhaps, but rather stay home, then go to a party and not being completely happy about it.

    I am glad that Malena won, and I will be proud to see her represent Sweden in Moscow. And that no matter where La Voix ends up on the score board in ESC.

  3. Thanx for filling me in, hadn't heard the winning track & I've somehow managed to miss everything this year, not in silent protest but simply because I've been busy doing other things (drinking beer!:D) Anyway yes indeed us Swedes are a bit weird when it comes to the melodifestival, it's as if the rest of the world stops spinning for a couple of hours! Too bad there's very rarely any good music involved, the best part of the show is always when an artist covers last years winner during one of the breaks!