Friday, 5 December 2008

Bags are packed & we're ready to go

Alarms are set, taxi ordered, the most essential things have been done. I've stocked up on cough medicine, cough drops, panadol/alvedon, and nasal spray. Hopefully we won't drive those around us crazy with our coughing and sniffing.

They carry-ons have cars, books and a possum (stuffed toy) in them. I've got candy stashed for when I have to wake them at 4am to get them onto another flight and extra food in case they get hungry or won't eat the aeroplane food - because it is the wrong time of day or because they don't like it.

Got the passports, ticket info, Kieran's visa (poor thing is not yet an Aussie citizen) and extracts from the population register in case I need to show he does not have a double surname even though the Swedish passport makes it look like he does.

And we have glögg and pepparkakor.We take off here at 7am Saturday and we touch-down at 11.30 Sunday morning. Australia here we come!!

Bye bye to all those I didn't get a chance to speak to - will be back online in a few days.
Take care!!


  1. Good luck! And have a nice Christmas full of joy and happiness with old and new friends. We will miss you though. But I will see you all when you come back: )

  2. Have a wonderful trip, Nicole! I'm green with envy, wishing I could have an Aussie Christmas this year.


  3. I hope the trip went well considering the circumstances, I bet the weather is so much better over there than it is here & YES I am jealous! Have a wonderful X-mas & new years!