Monday, 8 December 2008

And the long journey is over...

Well, 33 hours later we have arrived. 33 hours door to door!! It is a painful trip and I asked myself countless times both before and during it why I was doing it on my own. I watched those with babies and thought – ahhh they were the days – it was so much easier then.

But we survived. K slept quite a bit, M about 2 hours and me – none! Thank goodness for the on-demand movies in the back of the seats!!

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  1. 33 hours really is pushing it, damn and I thought the trips to Japan & South America were a pain in the arse, still they were only "business trips" so I had none of the emotions that you also have to deal with! Anyway I'm glad you finally got there, be sure to enjoy the hell out of it & don't comtemplate too much, you are after all on holiday with your beloved family!:D

    I have to say though before I get back to work that a part of me will never leave Bristol despite my not really knowing that city at all anymore, still when I'm there my heart beats a little faster as I walk through old "hoods" & streets & all the memories still come flashing back! It's an amazing feeling of belonging & being very lost both at the same time!