Thursday, 5 November 2009

Is it Swine Flu?

Asks a 7 year old as we walk in to school to have a "development talk" with Makaila's teacher today.

She has been off school for two days and spent the day in bed yesterday sweating it out. 30 hours of fever seems to have broken the worst of the virus and she was much, much better today, just a mild cough and a few sniffles.

Weird how we have lost our ability to have a cold, much less a normal flu without everyone wondering.

Oh, and if you're wondering about this "parent teacher interview" as it was called in my day and part of the world I can inform you that everyone is happy. When asked by her teacher she said she loves everything, she's pretty good at drawing and English and she'd like to be better at writing her numbers. Pretty good at English?? Ha! Got to love her modesty! She's a keen student, at least at the tender young age of almost 7, and takes any chance she can to practise her reading and writing - Swedish or English.

It is lovely to see her enthusiasm, lovely to see her blossom.

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