Friday, 6 November 2009

Anti-food additives & pestiside awareness

After writing a long blog piece yesterday about the anti-food additives wave finally reaching Sweden I walked into the supermarket and saw DN's headlines -

Green Tea Found to have high levels of insecticide.

I drink a couple of cups of green tea a day and the thought of drinking insecticide made me feel ill. Needless to say it has put me off my tea today. I drank coffee, organic coffee.

According to the online article high levels have been found in (green) tea bags - even the so-called organic tea bags which were immediately taken off the shelves. I don't use bags, but neither do I drink organic tea - I haven't been able to find any I like. But I'm guessing there are high levels in all teas.....

Will there ever be an end to the garbage that is put in our food and beverages. And we wonder why so many people get cancer???

I do trust the Swedish KRAV certification process, but obviously there are loopholes.

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  1. Hej! Saw your comment on my blog, which led me to your long comprehensive list of international bloggers living in Sweden and of course your site, which led me to your online resource. Wow. Pretty ambitious project! Well, thanks for dropping a line and I'll guess you'll find me popping here from time to time and finding a good blog among your loooong list :-)