Monday, 19 October 2009

Living Life Through My Kids

I always thought that expression meant pushing your children to pursue your goals, your unfulfilled goals and dreams, but it seems it has a whole different meaning. I've come to realise it is also about meeting people through your children.

It seems that these days most of our socialising is thanks to the kids and the families we have met through school and daycare. Yes, Yvonne you did tell me it would happen, and my apologies to old friends who we haven't seen for a while.....

I chatted on the phone one night last week for an hour, not bad for someone who doesn't like to talk on the phone. And we were only supposed to be arranging to get together. Saturday we spent the evening with another daycare/school family until way too late. Sunday I spent the afternoon in the park with my son, his bestest friend and his mother. Last night I chatted to another friend, a daycare dad, on the phone who was just "checking in" to see how things were with us.

It is fantastic to meet so many wonderful people through the kids, people who just happen to be the parents of children who just happen to be friends with my kids. Very enriching!


  1. I hear ya Nic. Though it took almost a year and a daycare switch, we're just starting to meet some friendly people through the little guy's dagis. I think the fact that he's now at a parent's cooperative daycare (where the parents are very involved) has broken a lot of the Swedish ice :-).

  2. Jenn it has taken some time for us too! Things don't move too quickly but it is lovely when it does happen. I'm sure a parents' co-op makes a difference - anything that helps break that thick ice is great!

  3. Yvonne here, Great reflection and it only gets better Nicole, two weeks ago we had an australian family visit us (from Melbourne primary school days) and it was fab. Yesterday i was skyping with another Oz girlfriend who i met in the dagis days in Stockholm, we have always kept in touch and our kids do too.