Monday, 19 October 2009

The Age of No Response?

I've started wondering lately if it is a sign of the times, if we are too busy, if we forget or if it is just ok to not respond to someone.

An email to a colleague to remind her that I cannot be there goes unanswered. Do I need to know what happened in my absence, obviously not. Someone else promises to ring back about something and it is never mentioned again. An idea runs out in the sand, nothing more said. An approach taken, a first step initiated, no response.

Are we so busy, so over-loaded with information, impressions and people in our life that we miss responding to people who have contacted us. How many times have I done it? How guilty am I? I sit and contemplate...

Or is it ok to just ignore? Have times changed so we don't need to bother saying NO - I'm too busy, it's not possible, I'm just not interested? Is it no longer considered polite to say "thanks for the information, thanks for letting me know, let me think about it, I'll keep it in mind".

Perhaps these niceties no longer matter in these days where we have so much information and so many opportunities at our fingertips, so many pressures on us both personally and professionally...

Perhaps it is time to reposition my thinking, to anticipate one way communication, unless it really suits the other party to respond. Perhaps I need to look back through my emails and see what I have missed.

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