Saturday, 31 January 2009

Spilt tea all over my MacBook

I have this lovely machine which I use every day and naturally have not backed up everything on. Well, the thought had gone through my mind more than once and I wondered what would happen if I ever spilt anything on it.

This week I found out.

I tripped walking back to my computer, carrying my tea. The tea went flying - all over my computer. Despite my complete and utter despair I managed to keep my wits about me (not sure how). I tipped it upside down, grabbed a cloth, wiped it off and then pulled the battery out, wiping out the water before putting the hair dryer on it (warm not hot).

A thousand things went through my mind. I turned the desktop computer on and went out on the net to see what to do - thank fully I had done everything right - and most importantly - DID NOT TURN IT BACK ON! Instinctively you want to do that to see if it is working.

The advice online - leave it off for a few days to completely dry out.
So I did.
We've just turned it back on - 3-4 days later. I was nervous.

Everything seems to be in order - sure it could've gone on insurance but that is a big hassle. What a relief! Although time will tell if it is completely unscathed.


  1. Hi Nicole

    I had to chuckle at this one - my husband, Nic, was at a conference down south a month or so ago, and a drink was spilt on his machine. He was kind of calm about it and to those of us who can live without a machine for a few days he was also kind of irrational.

    He shut it, found the nearest Mac store and bought another!!

  2. that's a great story!
    Amazing to see from the stats how many people have made the same mistake - just turn it off ASAP and leave it to dry out for 3-4 days. The waiting is tough.
    6 weeks later all seems to still be fine!