Sunday, 25 January 2009

A fabulous weekend with an Aussie flavour

filled with friends, laughter, good food and wine!

The plan was to go ice-skating with lunch together either before or after, but the rain, the grey skies and big puddles persuaded us to stay in. It quickly turned into an afternoon at home followed by dinner by the open fire.

Our Aussie-Kiwi-Swedish friends came over Saturday and we were joined by another Aussie friend who rang to see what we were up to. It was a great spontaneous get-together filled with lots of joking around and funny stories.

I threw a side of salmon onto a bed of sea salt, put it into the oven for 20-30 minutes and coupled with salad, rice and a fresh dill, parsley & lemon sauce it was a very simple but delicious meal. After our red wine and cheese platter we drank coffee and ate little caramel tarts - condensed milk caramel on butter-nut snaps (the Aussies will know what these are all about - YUM, YUM!) The kids watched a movie until ours fell asleep and our friends decided to take their's home to bed. But the night was still young(ish) and the three of us sat talking until we finally kicked our friend out in the wee hours.

With tomorrow being Australia Day I feel like I got my own little celebration with my Aussie friends!

Today more friends rang to say they were coming over and we had lunch together, looked at photos, talked and laughed. Their son is down under at the moment and while we were there we visited with him and his grandmother, who is not too far from my mum. Our other Aussie connection, our adopted family, our good friends - a complement to our Australia Day weekend.Happy Australia Day tomorrow!

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