Thursday, 10 February 2011

Another year goes by

I've been toying with the idea for a long time now, what to do with this blog, now terribly neglected, when an idea struck me today as I came home in a white-out.

I am, it seems, forever fascinated by the seasons in Sweden, despite over 15  years of living here. Perhaps it is due to growing up in Australia where the seasons are not as dramatically different from one and other, as they are in a land that is covered in ice and snow in the winter. There is so much that fascinates me here - from the snow that piles up as the tractors plow the streets, the icy footpaths of recent days, and the spring flowers that pop up when everything else looks barren after a long winter to the glorious summer days and the magnificent colours of autumn. But even if I love all the seasons I think it is winter that fascinates me most of all.

So, what is my idea and why? I've been inspired by my dear friend Michelle to do a photo diary - she seems to always have a photo project on the go and I thought I'd follow her lead - one photo every day for the next year. That photo will signify my day, or reflect the season.

I can hardly wait!! But I have decided to wait until Monday - just because. Although I am tempted to go out and take a photo tonight of the 20cm of fresh snow we've just received, or the huge snow pile at the end of the street... Having a great camera in my phone will make this easy - I just need to acquaint myself with loading the photos up straight away so it does happen every day.

You will find my continued ramblings about life in Sweden at, if I manage to produce any that is. You will undoubtedly find some of these photos on there too. I have a couple of more creative writing projects on the go so my writing energy is going into them at the moment. More about them in another 10 years or so!!

While I'm at it I decided to change the blog address - have wanted to do that for a very long time and now seems as good a time as any - a new start so to speak. So what was NicsNewest is now NicInSweden and I'm very happy about that change!

Well, if you are still reading - thank you!!
And I hope you enjoy the photos in the coming year.


  1. Cool!! 'just because'.... I like the idea of you starting on Monday ;) have I told you mine this year? I am doing weekly themes, so 7 photos of a far I've had animals, passions, water, Australiana, yellow, cricket (at N's insistance!!) and this week, collections. I'll look forward to checking in on your project :)

  2. We must have been bitten by the same bug! I've returned from my hiatus with a photo-a-day thing too.