Thursday, 11 June 2009

Live In Sweden is "Live"

Well I guess I can't put it off any longer - friends are starting to discover it for themselves!
Live In Sweden is finally live!!

I took the password off on Sweden's national day, I figured that was as good a day as any. And each year when we celebrate the coming of Sweden as a nation, I will be able to crack open the champagne and celebrate Live In Sweden!

In true Swedish style the site has been born - understated, un-promoted and uncelebrated - I will save all that for later.

Someone said to me today that I must be feeling proud - actually I'm cringing at the thought that people are looking at it - far too much left to be done for my liking! Even a simple blogpost is a scary moment - drawing attention to the site when there is so, so, so much left to be done. I'm not halfway there yet - but here it is - for all to see.

Live In Sweden has been a long time coming. It goes back to the dream I once had for the Southern Cross Club, to the vision I had almost four years ago, and to the years of thinking, planning and writing. It is a compilation of knowledge, of experience and of research. It is a vision and a dream I have been fortunate enough to finally realise!

May it have a long and prosperous future and inform, inspire, encourage and support those considering or actually moving to Sweden, as well as those already here and in need of support.


  1. Congratulations! I am sure you are about to help a lot of people!! Good on you for following your dream!
    (PS What day was Sweden's National Day?)

  2. Det är så bra Nicole. Jag har med glädje följt din blogg och sett hur du behandlar olika ämnen. Live in Sweden gör att det blir på riktigt. Jag tycker att du gör att storartat arbete!


  3. That is sooo awesome! Let me know if you need writing or help with photos, etc.

    And I'm glad you said champagne instead of schapps. hehe.