Monday, 11 May 2009

Apologies for my quietness..... is my focus and I am trying to fill it with content just as fast as I can, so I can open it to the public by the end of the month, or so....

Juggling that and my work that actually brings in the pennies leaves me with nothing but thoughts of what I could be writing about.

My writing will be very sporadic, so until my next post, enjoy the blossom, the lime green of the new leaves and all the other joys of spring.

On the weekend my darling children did just that - they played in this forest under our balcony for a couple of hours until the rain finally brought them in. They sat on a big bolder talking and fishing into an imaginary lake, with a roof of blossom and new growth over their heads.

Hope you too are enjoying all the simple pleasures in life, the seasons, the long days, the sun and the rain. It is spring - a time of beginnings.


  1. Such a beautiful time in Sweden, right now... Spring.. Wonderful photos!

  2. Loving spring here, too! I am excited to see what you are doing with Livein Sweden .se!

    And super thanks for connecting me to Lena, she is awesome!